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Photon flash player

Thats work fine but it is always stop running. You have to open the page again. There is no other better flash player program yet.

Doesn’t Work with iOS8

A great application but it no longer works with ios8. Needs to be updated. Worth 4 stars when working.

Ios 7

Ios version !!

Crashes! Update please! Last update 2013,very old

I cant use it.. 4,-€ wasted

Great app, right next to the "real" thing.

Thanks guys!

Es funktioniert

Prima Flashplayer!Bin Super zufrieden !

Funz wie es soll


Good but it always crash

Nice to use but the problem is the browser always crashes... Any updates from the developer? It seems that the browser is outdated already

Great App!

I Play AnimalJam on it, works!!!! :3

Soooo laggy

This app is sooo laggy, even when at max bandwidth. A waste of Money

Flash drops out

As the title states the flash player drops out often even at the lowest and highest band widths. At least it works though. I dont understand why this is an issue up until a few months ago this wasnt an issue. Then people mess with things that work fine and we get stuck with it.


Its laggy and there is no game pad, I wasted Money, puffin is better

Great app for flash videos and games!

I have this on my iPad mini and my iPhone 5c. It seems to run smoother on the iPad. Great app for playing flash videos and games. It could use a new updated interface though.

Have some ideas.

I love the fact you can hook up a HDMI Cord and watch any movie on your TV! Great job guys

Photon for iPhone

Best app Ive added yet lets me access My flash games keep up the good work

Great app

Very nice


Not intuitive. Difficult to use. Very frustrating


Isnt working for me. Waste of money.

Doesnt work

I cant believe I paid money for it! It doesnt work cause any game I try to play wont open! I cant believe I wasted money on this

Works fine

But in not in the usa. Up address located in Dallas? Can it be changed?

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